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In addition to the main speakers, various different supporting roles are required to make sure every meeting runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Toastmaster – the Toastmaster acts as the meeting’s genial host, introducing participants and making sure everything runs to time.
  • Timekeeper – the Timekeeper helps the meeting run on schedule by timing each of the participants and providing timing reports.
  • Harkmaster – the Harkmaster helps to encourage effective listening during the meeting by compiling questions and running a quiz session at the end.
  • Grammarian – the Grammarian encourages and commends good use of language by speakers and other meeting participants.
  • Evaluator – an Evaluator provides constructive and encouraging feedback to help a speaker to improve.
  • Topicsmaster – the Topicsmaster plans and runs Table Topics, the impromptu speaking section of each meeting.
  • Topics Evaluator – the Topics Evaluator gives a short evaluation for each table topic speaker.