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26 June 2017: Meeting Report

Written by Margarita


On Monday, 26th June, Bloomsbury Speakers had their regular meeting at the Wedge Issue Pizza. We heard some beautiful speeches from the Club members and enjoyed an entertaining Table Topics session with Club’s guests.


The meeting started with a welcome speech from the new President of the Club Peter R. who introduced Toastmaster Renars. Renars told us that he ran out of ideas of what to read so he asked all speakers and functionaries to share with him their favourite books. Then he introduced Timekeeper Swarajit and Grammarian Pao-Sheng.

Prepared speeches

The first speaker was Dan with his Speech number 2 “Psychopaths and Big Dippers”. He suggested some tips on how to become richer in future by sorting out personal finance. Dan invited us to try out several tricks to save more money in future, for example, trying to feel empathy to our older selves.

Julian was the second to speak. His speech number 5 entitled “For the Love of Beer” was, as you have guessed, devoted to his passion – drinking and brewing beer. In just seven minutes Julian made us all want to go upstairs and buy a pint.

The third speech was given by Fabiano. In his speech numer 7 “The Eternal City” he took the audience on an imaginary walk around Rome, revealing its secrets and history and, most importantly, sharing his own favourite locations there.

Margarita was the last to speak. Her advanced Storytelling speech number 2 was entitled “Midnighdancer”. She entertained club members and guests with a story of her brief career in Irish dancing that finished with a broken foot.

Evaluations and Table Topics

After the break, we heard from the three evaluators – Matt, Tracey and Renars.

Then Scott, the Table Topics Master, took the floor and led a session of hilarious table topics by Reymond, Ley, Nigel, Colin, Winclay, Tom, Margarita, Stella and Den. Atul evaluated each speaker afterwards.

Finally, our visiting General Evaluator, Colin evaluated our club and the meeting.


Best Speaker: Margarita

Best Evaluator: Matt

Best Table Topic: Stella

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place at The Wedge Issue Pizza & Beer (91-95 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1R 5BX), on Monday, 10th July, at 6.30pm. Come over to practice your public speaking skills and enjoy delicious pizza on the Club!

Please get in touch at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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