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Meeting Report: 8 August 2016

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Written by Margarita


On Monday 8 August we met upstairs at the Clerk and Well for a regular meeting of Bloomsbury Speakers. We had three wonderful prepared speeches and a range of impromptu activities.


Club’s VPE Peter R took the role of the acting president and opened the meeting. The Toastmaster, brilliant speaker and experienced member of the club, Carrie suggested a great theme of the evening – she asked each participant to share the most unusual things they’ve ever done to earn money. Apparently, walking dogs and selling empty liquor bottles can give you some extra cash! Carrie introduced the Timekeeper Sarah, and Harkmaster Olga.

Prepared Speeches

After opening remarks, the first speaker was Francesca with her No. 3 speech ‘Why mindfulness is a positive force for change, and not just a buzzword’. She shared with us the benefits of meditation and suggested trying to do it every day for 10 minutes for 10 days to start seeing positive changes.

The second speaker was Peter F, who gave us his Storytelling No. 3 speech ‘It’s Ok to be an Immigrant’. He shred with us his story of moving from Singapore to London and the lessons he learnt being an immigrant.

Third up was Robert, delivering his No. 4 speech “Why campaign if not a member?” In his passionate speech he told us about his personal experience of campaigning and its benefits.

After the prepared speeches Sergeant at Arms Peter R introduced the guests.

After the break, we heard from the three evaluators who had been preparing feedback for the three prepared speeches – Helen, Swarajit and Matt.

Impromptu Speaking

We were then handed over to Table Topics Master Margarita. The theme of the Table Topics was Olympic Games. We heard from Norah, Atul, Helen, Joe, Abder and Peter R, who all gave impromptu speeches for up to two minutes.

Robert presented feedback on each of the impromptu speeches we had just heard, before we moved to an impromptu game “And then…” introduced by Peter R. Helen, Carrie, Matt and Robert created a hilarious impromptu story about Donald Trump, hamsters and apple pies.


After it visiting General Evaluator Veronica evaluated all speakers not yet evaluated and provided feedback to the club.

Finally, Peter R, the VPE of Bloomsbury Speakers, announced the awards for the evening.


Best Speaker: Peter F


Best Evaluator: Helen
Best Table Topic: Peter R

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be Monday 22 August at the Clerk and Well (though the venue may be subject to change). Please get in touch at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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